Photo Editing & Retouching

Beauty Retouching

We provide our clients with excellent photo retouching services to maketheir image to become ideal.

We are a famous professional photo editing and beauty retouching service provider who provides excellent professional photo retouching servicesto make your image to become ideal. Photo editing and beauty retouching services are demanded many reasons, either they help people to promote or sell some products or services, or to make them look even better on the picture than in the real life. We Pixolver being the leading beauty retouching services provide our clients with all possible levels of digital photo enhancement services.

We make possible to create an outstanding image from a very simple ordinary shot with our photo editing and beauty retouching services. This is what our professionals do, they use their skills and turn image retouching or beauty retouching into a powerful instrument. We are not only a photo retouch specialist, but we are an even better artist, painters & designers. Try our beauty retouching services and you will never want to stop turning from our image retouching studio.

Jewelry Retouching

We are well-appointed with expert Jewellery photo editors and retouchers who have the experience of 10+ years in Jewellery image editing alone.

Image editing and retouching play a crucial role in most cases when it comes to high-end Jewellery. We are well-appointed with expert Jewellery photo editors and retouchers who have the experience of 10+ years in Jewellery image editing alone. Our image editors process hundreds of Jewellery images daily of Jewellery retailers, advertising agencies and photo studios. Image editors in Pixolver process your images in such a manner that the finest intricacies of your Jewellery are evident, which gives a life-like feel of the product. We ensure you that our processed images captivate the onlookers.

We tailor our Jewellery photo editing services as per the specific requirements of our clients. Silhouetting – background removal which is also called Silo, outlining, masking, knock-out, etc. and Jewellery enhancement is included in our Jewellery photo retouching services. The skilled Photoshop artist of Pixolver Photo Editing & Retouching Services can replace the stones in your Jewellery piece, and create shadows and sparkle to give it a superior look.

Clipping Path

Pixolver provides the best quality and affordable clipping path services to photographers, graphics design companies, publishing houses, web developers, Jewellery and catalog companies to assist them to transform their operations. It is a kind of hard-edged vector marking technique that is used to separate the desired portion from the rest of the image. Clipping path is the tool that is used to remove the background of the image, that allows the usage of its key image for varied purposes.

Our clipping path experts at Pixolver make sure that justified treatment is given to all of your clipping path jobs. We facilitate our clients with quality and cost-effective services as we are a leading professional clipping path company. The Photoshop professionals at Pixolver are capable of handling any level of intricacies in photo clipping.

Clipping path that is done with poor quality and by not giving any attention to detail can harm your reputation and your brand. We Pixolver photo editing and retouching services have built our business upon excellent clipping path services that convert consumers and impress clients. If any of our clients don't have any time to spare for getting our clipping path services, our skilled professionals will help them to meet their tightest deadlines. We being the leading clipping path service provider facilitates our clients with fast quotes, speedy customer service, and quick results. We are well known for our best affordable clipping path services, but it does not mean that our quality suffers from that.

Portrait Retouching

Perhaps Portrait Photo Retouching is one of the most delicate facets of photo editing and retouching. It becomes imperative to identify and preserve the unique contours and expressions of the face, and also to bring about the right perspective when it comes to portrait photo retouching services. Portraitimage editing and retouching experts at Pixolver are well equipped with the right skill set, enormous experience in portrait image editing and retouching and also extensive know-how in photo editing tools like Photomatix, Adobe Photoshop and easyHDR for HDR images, etc.

Pixolver an expert Portrait Photo Editing and Retouching Company can increase your portrait photos with professional Portrait Retouching Services. We can assist you to acquire the best images for your personal, business or promotional purposes. Your memorable pictures clicked on any special occasion can be enhanced by expert photo editors of Pixolver at very reasonable prices.

Product Photo Retouching

An attractive and aseptically appealing product picture plays a positive role in the critical stage of a purchase decision. Only product photo retouching services of Pixolver Image editing and retouching company can provide you the cleanest and finest product pictures for professional presentation and higher conversation.

We at Photo Editing and Retouching Services Company specializes in offering product photo retouching services to retail stores, online stores, and e-commerce portals like Amazon, Flipkart and more. Our image editing and retouching solutions are dedicated to improving your sales and market your products and services by enchanting their qualities and producing a long-lasting effect in the minds of the audience.

Our quality product photo editing and eCommerce product image editing services at reasonable rates have made us a favorite choice for many national and international online stores and retail chains. A world-class pool of our product photo editing and retouching professionals works hard round the clock to ensure you the best result within your budget and create a strong bottom line for your business.

Background Removal/Change

Pixolver Photo Editing and Retouching Company providesBackground Removal Service. Considering the photo editing industry trends, we are providing the best possible Background removal or background change services. Our clients get the best reasonable prices for the service. We also ensure the top quality of the edited photos to our clients. Background Removal Service is a single shade that accommodates all the photo editing needs. Background removal service is an essential part of photo editing. The photo editors remove the background photo using digital tools e.g. Clipping Path, Multiple paths, Image Masking, Deep Etching, Background Removal, etc

Pixolver Photo Editing and Retouching Company is a globally renowned image editing and retouching company with more than 15+ years of experience. It has been working with many famous media, printing, fashion, photography,eCommerce, and other creative agencies. Pixolver Photo editing and retouching agency have an experienced team of professionals for background removal or background change, working dedicatedly to offer the best service for background removal from images.

Body Retouching and Reshaping

Are you looking for Body Retouching & Reshaping services?For having a professional look and outstanding image look, body retouching and reshaping services is most necessary. Body & face retouching adds numerous effects on your image that change the look. And basic shapes need changes for your special image look.

You can have photo editing exclusive features with our body retouching and reshaping services. For enhancing image quality, there is a need for light exposures, deep color adding and many other editing performances in the image. Our body retouching and reshaping services allow you to have all the exclusive features for having amazing image quality.

If you have a desire to have a perfect look as magazine cover models have, then try the body retouching and reshaping services of Pixolver today. We have our special focus on retouching the special parts of the image for making those more enhancing.

Photo Restoration Services

We are one of the best photo restoration companies that offer high-quality photo enhancement and photo restoration services at very affordable cost, using the sophisticated technology like pen tablets (Wacom) to provide (near zero) non-destructive photo restoration services. Whether it is old photos, damaged photos, blurred photos, vintage photos, photos with abnormal exposures, lost pixels or any other deformity, we have our expert team professionals and technology to restore them with high-quality images restoration service.

And it does not cost the sky. When the price is low, you might be anxious about what we can offer. So, for that, we offer a free trial for your assessment. We have over 15+ years of experience in photo editing and retouching services. And from the very beginning, we have been involved in photo restoration services and we are always in the hunt of the newest technology to provide the best quality image restoration service to restore old/damaged photos.

Apparel Photo Retouching

Apparel Photo Retouching tries to demonstrate shape through fit, while ensuring customers are accurately able to picture themselves in the apparel, whether it is a t-shirt, shirts, denim, dresses, etc. Apparels are usually the toughest to photograph and it is nearly impossible to create the exact form fit that you require in the studio. Our apparel photo retouching services ensure perfect vertical symmetry in the case of shirts and pants and ensuring dresses with asymmetrical dimensions are showcased in the best possible light. This helps in enhancing the overall attractiveness and ensuring consistency throughout your images. We assist our clients in the removal of crease lines, keeping arms at equal distance, shaping and fold reduction, removal of wrinkles, symmetry in waistline, inseam, knees, and hemline, removal of bunched shoulders, flared cuffs, etc.

We offer customized apparel photo editing and retouching services to our clients. Our dedicated team of photo editors or image retouchers is meticulous at meeting the needs of a diverse range of industries that ranges from books to sports apparel photo retouching, and portraits to real estate virtual tours. We can make your images or photos to appear in their best form and help you set an impact with the images you display. Pixolver photo editing and retouching services are a one-stop for your entire image cropping, enhancement, HDR blending, and other photo retouching needs.

Ecommerce Product Photo Editing

The customers of the eCommerce store like to see the products through images instead of reading a thousand words. So, the eCommerce owners use images of the products. As the customers choose the products by watching images, they must be of high-end quality so that they can represent the product in detail. To increase and achieve your sales target, you cannot ignore the use of image better than the average product photo. During product photography, Pixolver image editing and retouching service providersmaintain some special techniques, and yet these photos are required to have various image editing services to make flawless or to enhance the existing beauty.

Since the online stores deal with various types of images as the only medium of the product displaying, they cannot but take different types ofe-commerce product photo editing servicesviz. background removing, colour correction, ghost mannequin, and many more. Anyway, we have been providing high-end quality Ecommerce Product Photo Editing services. We edit product images for BigCommerce, Shopify, Yo! Kart, Magento, Woocommerce, Opencart, Prestashop, Weebly, Volusion, Squarespace, Big Cartel, etc.

 If you host your products on your e-commerce website or marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, AliExpress, Rakuten, Flipkart, Taobao, etc., don’t worry, you will also get our eCommerce product image editing services. If you are confused, you can judge our quality taking our Free Trial service before being our customer.

Ecomm. Seller Services

One-Stop E-commerce Seller Service

The specially designed service of PixolverE-commerce Seller Services helps offline sellers for cataloging service in multiple marketplaces.

Money making online has never been an easier task. From graphic designers to comedians, handymen, psychic readers, etc. everyone is selling their services online and making big bucks. All you require is one idea and the right platform to turn your hobby into a primary source of income. So, if you are blessed with talent but are not sure how or where you can put it up for sale then you have entered the right place. Our e-commerce seller service provider has got it all figured out.

Weare one of the best eCommerce seller services have committed research on the best eCommerce platforms to sell services online on the market and put together a review based on the following features:

  • Cost
  • Commission fees
  • Digital, subscription & wholesale products
  • Ease of use
  • Marketing tools & SEO
  • Payment Gateway
  • Checkout system
  • Order options

The specially designed service of Pixolver E-commerce Seller Services helps offline sellers for cataloging service in multiple marketplaces.We strive hard to simplify all of your hurdles taking care of all aspects of cataloging, inventory update, customer to competitors. Enhance the volume of your selling on multiple leading E-commerce marketplace with our E-commerce Seller Service Agency.

Why Pixolver E-Commerce Seller Service?

The Ecommerce Seller Service of Pixolver facilitates you with the best possible support to explore a new era of online eCommerce, helping SME to sell the products online on different marketplaces. Our team of highly skilled professionals will help you to enhance your online business by managing your product cataloging, Image Editing, Product Content writing, Model Product Photoshoot & listing your products on numerous marketplaces.

To avoid all the complexities on your way of selling on multiple marketplaces, allow our eCommerce Seller Service Company to enhance and grow your business hassle-free.


Marketplace Solution

Our marketplace solution is specially designed to facilitate all of your marketplace tasks by creating a Proper Digital Catalog of your products, Image Editing, Model Photo shooting, etc.

If you are doing offline business and desires to accelerate your offline business to the fastest growing eCommerce market, but are facing the problem with Product image to uploading and processing & packaging orders, then you have entered the right place. We Pixolver the best Marketplace Service Provider are here with a perfect solution for you!

We Pixolver the leading e-commerce seller service company will make your offline business onboard with our professional team of e-commerce seller service providers who will be dedicated to your product range.

To avoid all the complexities in your online selling, allow our eCommerce seller service agency to accelerate the growth of your business from offline to online.

The marketplace solution of our e-commerce seller service company is specially designed to ease all of your marketplace efforts by making Proper Digital Catalog of your products, Model Photo Shooting, Image Editing, manage your inventory, Content writing, and listing of your products, Pack and Ship, managing cancel/return as per different guidelines for different marketplace.

Catalog Management

We have a team of highly experienced professionals to make proper eCommerce product catalog which engages more customer that result in good customer experience and help you to boost sale volume.

Catalog management service needs to be maintained in the fastest-growing market. The final buying decision of customer depends completely upon kind of product image and description are put up. Customers will provide you good rating if delivered with the same product as displayed and described on the website. So, your product image needs to look glamorous and attractive with detailed informative and complete product descriptions. The expert e-commerce product catalog management service is an investment in business growth.

We have a team of highly experienced professionals to make a proper e-commerce product catalog which engages more customer that result in good customer experience and help you to boost sale volume.

  • Product photoshoot
  • Product description
  • Product image editing
  • Model photoshoot
  • Content creation

Product Photoshoot

We do model photoshoot which enriches and grow your product image and help to generate more sale and to grow your business online.

Ecommerce Product Photography Service

Showcasing your product properly to your client is the key to success. Your product photoshoot or eCommerce photography has a big role in the sales growth of your business. The first point of contact with the customer is your product. A higher number of product images with various angle assist you to attract your customer. The high quality of your product image has a high impact on the buying decision of the customer. Our team of experts will help you to create, enrich and enhance your catalog to boost your online sales.

  • Normal Product Table Top Photography
  • Shiny Product Table Top Photography
  • Product Image Complete Editing
  • Product Image Resizing
  • Male Model Product Photography
  • Female Model Product Photography

If you are searching for minimum budget-friendly eCommerce product photography or photoshoot service, then the e-commerce product photography services of Pixolver Photo Editing & Retouching Services are a one-stop solution for non-model photography and complete model photoshoot which fits in your budget.

Corporate Video Services

Pixolver Corporate Video Production Company

According to reports by the next year, about ninety-five percent of the internet traffic will comprise of video. So, why people are rushing to see the videos? Why does YouTube get millions of hits every single day? The reason behind this is that video can communicate your message in the most effective way possible, with the faster internet speeds. You are now able to deliver your message most engagingly and transparently. But to achieve all this you will need a Corporate Video Production Company. Pixolver Corporate Video Production Agency not only understands what you want to accomplish but also knows how to translate that into a video that your audience would enjoy and retain in their minds.

Our Video Production Company can bring your brand to life, can promote your business or service in a very effective way with our enormous video production and photo editing and retouching services. You can use, photo editing and retouching, graphics and music, or a combination of all of them to tell the story of your company.  We are a Corporate Video Production Agency and image editing and retouching service provider that makes sure that your audience not only understands your message but also retains it. Our experience and expertise in conceptualization, cinematography, branding, image editing and retouching mean that your Corporate Video Production will always be a class apart.

When you put your story in motion you see that something magical happens. People get drawn and they get connected with your brand. We Pixolver Corporate Video Production Services work with the best of directors, screenwriters, photo editing and retouching service providers and photographers & camera experts who come with rich experience in the industry.

We Pixolver Corporate Video Production Company plan our projects as per the needs of our clients and we make sure that the project is delivered to the client as per our schedule. We are engaged in providing a budget-friendly Video Production Agency and we make customized video packages as per the budget of our client. We Pixolver corporate video production services offer support to our clients in marketing their videos and conceptualizing their requirements.